Aadhaar PVC Card now Available: How to Order PVC Aadhar Card Online Using Smartphone 2021

UIDAI has launched a recently PVC Aadhar card. now this article on how to Order PVC Aadhar Card Online using the mobile or PC within 5 minutes.

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) official website lets you order your new polyvinyl chloride (PVC) card. PVC cards are comparable in your pocket. It’s complete with a full plastic content build with waterproof. Your pan card to same it’s will be coming and Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) order time charge you Rs. 50/- one-time payment.

What are the Features of the PVC Aadhar Card?

Polyvinyl chlorPolyvinyl chloride (PVC) card is a modern card this time, and you reprint only Rs. 50/- to within seven days to speed post though delivered you Aadhar card address. PVC card also similar Aadhar card with digital print and high-quality color, latest security feature, pocket-size, instant offline verification by QR code, durable and convenient to carry.

This card contains security features like:

  1. Secure QR Code
  2. Hologram
  3. Micro text
  4. Ghost image
  5. Issue Date & Print Date
  6. Guilloche Pattern
  7. Embossed Aadhaar Logo

How to Order PVC Aadhar Card Online

You are using an old Aadhar card. You don’t know how to order PVC Aadhar card online. You are visiting the right place, and the Unique Identification Authority of India is launched this year too. You can also order PVC Aadhar cards for your family members. You need a mobile number link on your Aadhar card. So follow my steps below mentioned ordering a PVC Aadhar card online.

order PVC Aadhar card online
  1. Go to UIDAI official website https://uidai.gov.in/
  2. The first page to Get Aadhar section to Order Aadhar PVC card to click here.
 order PVC Aadhar card online

3. Now open a new page on this page to enter your 12 digits Aadhar card number or 16 digits virtual ID / 28 digits EID to begin.

4. Next, enter the security code side showing on the box correctly.

5. Your mobile number linked on your Aadhar card Send OTP to click here.

6. If you have not linked your mobile number to your Aadhar card, click here. My Mobile number is not registered. Now open a box below this box to mention a non-registered mobile number.

order pvc aadhar card

7. Send OTP to Click here. Next, you have received an OTP on your registered mobile number or manually entered a mobile number.

8. Enter OTP and read terms and conditions after click here the terms and conditions box. 

order PVC Aadhar card online

9. Your Aadhar card preview showing the UIDAI website, and check all details and Make Payment. Click here. 

10. Redirect the payment page you choose your compatible payment methods and pay Rs. 50/-.

Aadhaar PVC Card now Available: How to Order PVC Aadhar Card Online Using Smartphone 2021

10. After completing your Payment, you redirect to the UIDAI website. Website to open a page. Your successful transaction message shows you: your payment ID and the payment receipt download option shows. Your mobile number to receive this message to your SRN number. This number to you can check your order status UIDAI website. 

Note: Your PVC Aadhar card is delivered speed post thought. So wait up to 7-10 days to deliver. You can also track your PVC Aadhar card status.

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How to Check PVC Aadhar Card Status Online

Are you ordered a PVC Aadhar card you don’t know how to check PVC Aadhar card status online? So I will help you if you can check your reprint PVC Aadhar status using your 12 digit Aadhar card number. only simple steps to telling so follow my steps below mentioned for Your order PVC Aahar card status checking online.

  1. Go to the Unique Identification Authority of India official website and  Get Aadhar Section to Check Aadhaar PVC Card Status.
  2.  Now enter your 12 digit Aadhar card number with Security capture code enter and Send OTP to click here.
  3. You don’t link mobile numbers on your Aadhar card click below My Mobile number is not registered and a mobile number. 
  4. Next, you receive an OTP your mobile number enter OTP. read terms and conditions and click here terms and conditions box. 
  5. Now your PVC Aadhar card status Showing you. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Order PVC Aadhar Card

Q.1 Place of birth change in PVC Aadhar card.

Answer : First Change your place of birth in Aadhar card and PVC Aadhar card reprint request to apply.

Q.2 Why my phone number does not appear on new PVC Aadhar card?

Answer : PVC Aadhar card to not printing mobile number also all people PVC Aadhar card to not appear phone number.

Q.3 Only year of birth was printed in my Aadhaar card whether full date of birth(date,month and year should be printed on the new PVC Aadhar card not applied.

Answer : Your Aadhar card which format to your date of birth this type your PVC Aadhar card applying.

Q.4 Can plastic Aadhaar card be used at Kolkata airport?

Answer : Yes you can use plastic Aadhar card in Kolkata airport.

Q.5 The photo on new PVC Aadhar card is as same as old photograph.

Answer : Your Aadhar card old photograph same printing on new PVC Aadhar card to also.

Q.6 I have PVC Aadhar card is it valid for ALP exam verification?

Answer : Yes your PVC Aadhar is valid for ALP exam verification.

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