How to Use Jio Phone SIM In Smartphone 2021

You are an old jio keypad phone user are you know how to use jio phone SIM in smartphone. you are coming to the right place I will help your jio phone to a smartphone to how can upgrade and more information sharing with you.

India to Jio phone is offer is Rs. 1999 to 2 years free data and unlimited calls with jio phone also free. jio is India to number one telecom industry company with cheap price monthly plans. Jio Phone 2 is also upcoming.

Can We Use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone?

The answer is yes you will use jio phone SIM card is use a smartphone easily. just insert the jio phone SIM card in the android phone SIM slot.

Are you have a new SIM card buy for the smartphone you need to pay Rs. 99 prime membership plan one time and a prime membership plan only for smartphone users. with jio phone plans is not working the smartphone.

So you are using jio phone SIM card in your smartphone you can also require to buy prime membership. The membership you will buy jio official my jio application to buying option is available or you can offline to visit jio store you’re nearby.

How to Use Jio Phone SIM In Smartphone

Yes, you can use it easily now I will tell you how to convert jio phone sim to a normal jio sim. so follow my steps below mentioned for how to use jio phone SIM in smartphone to use.

Step 1. Insert the SIM in a smartphone and you get a single.

Step 2. Now install the My Jio application.

Step 3. Next, enter your jio phone number and login and recharge Rs. 99 prime membership charge.

Step 4. Recharge with a plan now you will convert jio phone to smartphone SIM.

Note: You can also make this process all offline just visit your near jio store.

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How to Use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone by Activating Prime Membership?

The first time you’re jio phone SIM card a smartphone insert you need prime membership for smartphone internet connection and voice calls.

how to use Jio phone SIM in smartphone.
how to use Jio phone SIM in smartphone

Without prime membership, you do not access the internet and voice calls so will tell you how to buy prime membership easily. so follow my steps for jio phone SIM in smartphone by activating prime membership.

Step 1. Install my jio application play store or you’re an IOS user download the app store.

Step 2. Open the application and enter your mobile number and you will receive an OTP enter login now next open a new window.

Step 3. The recharge for a friend option is showing you click this option.

Step 4. Now enter your jio phone number which SIM card you want jio phone SIM card to smartphone SIM converting you.

Step 5. Next to smartphones plans with jio, prime membership include showing you choose the compatible plan example you chose RS. 199 plan daily 1.5 GB data and unlimited calls with jio prime membership Rs. 99 total your plan Rs. 199 + 99 jio prime membership your payable amount is Rs. 298. this price includes a prime membership.

Step 6. after choosing the payment method and pay and enjoy prime membership benefits.

Note: This process is also working on jio official websites.

FAQ on How to Use Jio Phone SIM in Smartphone

Q1. How to use Jio phone SIM in other Android Samsung smartphones if there is already a recharge of 185?

Answer: You are not able to use the jio phone recharge plan not working on android and Samsung smartphones. so you separately buy jio prime membership and smartphone plans. your Rs.185 is a jio phone plan.

Q2. How to get below 70 ms ping in mobile legends using my Jio SIM?

Answer: Use the VPN and I am personal suggest you application and it makes your internet fast and private with good speed.

Q3. Is 4g SIM can support to kechaoda k33 mobile?

Answer: No you cannot use 4g SIM card in kechaoda k33 is not support 4g SIM card.

Q4. Can Jio network sim be used in krypton x2 Pro 128gb white 8 GB RAM dual SIM 4g mobile?

Answer: Yes you can use the jio network SIM be used krypton x2 pro 128GB white 8 GB dual SIM 4g mobile.

Q5. Jio SIM is not working of my mobile What is the reason please solve my problem?

Answer: Try the methods below mentioned it’s not working call customer care or visit the jio store.

  • Fist check your plan vlidty and data balance
  • Rest your APN setting
  • Restat the your devies.
  • SIM setting to choose preferred network type 4G any time
  • Check setting to VoLTE is on or off already VoLTE off frist on

Q6. Can I do video conference call in my mobile vivo v15 with Jio 4g SIM? 

Answer: Yes you do video conference call on your Vivo v15 mobile using jio 4G SIM card.

Q7. Can Jio SIM 4g volte be used in LG g3 ls990 mobile?

Answer: Yes you can VoLTE be used in your LG G3 is990 mobile and is supported jio 4G SIM card.

Q8. Price for getting a Jio sim connection for a mobile phone?

Answer: The price depends on your jio prime membership price is Rs.99 and you choose which plan that price. For example, I am choosing the daily 2 GB data plan. the plan price is Rs. 249 and the jio prime membership price is Rs.99 totality price Rs 348.

Q9. How to use jio phone SIM in smartphone?

Answer: Go to my jio official website and log in now. next recharge for a friend option to enter the mobile number and you any plan with jio prime membership and complete the payment.

Q10. If any 4g SIM is not activated then will its mobile data will work?

Answer: No, you cannot use data your 4g SIM card is not active.

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