How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Online With Easy Methods

Your covid-19 Vaccinations is completed but you don’t know How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate online you’ve visited the right place. So read this article after you can download your covid-19 vaccination certificate. So read carefully this article.

Government of India under to an official covid -19 website created. this website to you can your vacation slots book, vaccination certificate, covid-19 report, and more activities available on this website.

How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Online

Your covid-19 vaccination is complete after. you can download your certificate using a mobile number and you can also download your covid-19 certificate in two ways to download. first Indian government official application to and the second website though.

So follow my steps for How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Online below mentioned.

Step 1. Go to the government official website Cowin.

Step 2. First page to Download certification option showing you click here to the option.

How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Online

Step 3. Next page to enter your mobile vaccination time you submitted and click below the Get OTP button.

Step 4. You receive an OTP on the mobile number now enter the OTP and click below Submit button.

Step 5. Next Your Mobile number to registered vaccine members’ details showing you. choose which members covid-19 vaccination certificate download.

How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Online With Easy Methods

Step 6. Member name side Certificate button showing you click here Certificate button.

Step 7. After clicking the Certificate button Your covid-19 vaccination certificate will be download starting.

Note: Covid-19 vaccination time which mobile number you registered that mobile number use your certificate download time and also your vaccination complete after your registered mobile number to covid-19 vaccination certificate download link receive you can use this link also.

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How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Aarogya Setu App

How to Download Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

You also download your covid-19 vaccination certificate Aarogya Setu App and this app to your health-related more information also available.

Your smartphone to install the Aarogya setu app play store or Appstore. this app Indian government official lunched covid-19 related news, covid-19 vaccination slots booking, and more activity available.

Now I will discuss with you how to download covid-19 vaccination certificate Aarogya setu application. So follow my steps below mentioned.

Step 1. Install Aarogya setu application.

Step 2. Open Aarogya setu and choose your language and click Register now.

Step 3. Next, read Terms of Service & Privacy and click here I agree.

Step 4. Now enter the mobile vaccination time you submitted.

Step 5. You moile number to receive an OTP enter OTP register Arogya setu application.

Step 6. App to first four options showing you this option to you choose third option vaccination.

Step 7. One more time asking your mobile number enter the mobile number and you revive an OTP on your mobile number enter OTP and click here procced to verify.

Step 8. Your mobile number to linked members details showing you and member status and side a certificate member name side showing you click here the certificate icon to now directly you covid-19 vaccination certificate downloading automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate.

Q1. How to download the final certificate for COVID 19 vaccination?

Answer: Go to the covid-19 official website Cowin and using the mobile number vacation time you submitted. It helps to log in and your mobile number to linked member details showing you. the side you download certification option showing you click here certification button and download your certification.

Q2. Where can I download the COVID 19 vaccination certificate from?

Answer: Covid-19 official website Cowin or Arogya setu application to you can download your covid-19 vaccination certification.

Q3. What certificate is required of COVID 19 when going out of state though the person is vaccinated?

Answer: When you going out of state after covid-19 vaccinated you need covid-19 first dose certificate and covid-19 checking report.

Q4. My mobile number missing how to get COVID 19 vaccine certificate by Aadhar card No?

Answer: Your mobile number missing but you want the covid-19 certificate. you visit your near covid-19 center and tell about your problem it’s helping you.

Q5. Can I change my ID proof on the COVID-19 certificate after the first dose of the vaccine?

Answer: No you can’t change your ID proof after the covid-19 first dose vaccine.

Q6. What can happen to share COVID 19 vaccination certificate?

Answer: Sharing your covid-19 vaccination certificate you are a covid-19 negative person considering.

Q7. The wrong mobile no is mentioned on the covid-19 vaccination record card how to correct it?

Answer: Go to your nearest covid-19 vaccination center tell about your problem it’s helping you.

Q8. How to update the name in the certificate for the covid-19 vaccination? 

Answer: You cant update your name on the covid-19 certificate. So visit the nearest covid-19 center and update your name on your covid-19 certificate.

Q9. How to download covid-19 vaccination certificate online for free?

Answer: After your vaccination, your mobile number to a link received this link to within 1 minute to you can download covid-19 certificate online for free.

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