How to Aadhar Card Download (UIDIA)

An Aadhar card was first issued Indian government on 29 September 2010. Now today Aadhar card download easy steps to and Aadhar card benefits, Enrolment number and Virtual ID, Digi locker, Name, and date of birth to aadhar card download, Almost People not linked on the mobile number in Aadhar card so without mobile number to Aadhar card download. After download an aadhar card how to open a password so Aadhar card-related information available below Article.

What is Aadhar Card?

Aadhar card is a 12 digit number that serves as a proof of identity and address, anywhere in India. Aadhar card random number issued by the (UIDAI) Unique Identification Authority of India. Aadhar card started government main reason Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits, and Services. Aadhar is our all date like biometric, eyes scan and your personal details all stored your 12 digit number.

Benfits of Aadhar Card

Important uses of Aahaar Card and must be need india

  • Aadhar card help to bank account open offline/online
  • LPG gas subsidized
  • Government to schemes amount direct your bank account
  • Procurement of Passport
  • The benefits of Digital locker
  • Identification
  • KYC to open any bank account

How to Aadhar card Download with Aadhar Number

If you download an Aadhar card using your aadhar number follow the simple steps

Step1: Go to the Aadhar card official website

Step2: Website home page to below download aadhar button click here

Aadhar Card Download
Credit UIADI Website

Step3: Now enter your 12 digit aadhar number first box and next are you masked your aadhar click below I want a masked Aadhar are you not masked your aadhar skip this option. next, fill captcha verification and click the send OTP.

 Aadhar Card Download
Credit UIADI Website

Step 4: Now UIDAI sends OTP in your aadhar card linked mobile number. enter your OTP next take a quick survey UIDAI. read question and answer and click verify to download. you click now you successfully download your Aadhar card.

 Aadhar Card Download
Credit UIADI Website

Aadhar Card Download by Using Enrolment Number (EID)

In case you have not got an Aadhar card and you have forgotten your Aadhar number you can update your aadhar using the Enrolment Number ID. Follow the steps below Aadhar Card Download by Using the Enrolment Number.

  • Visit website
  • Click below the Download Aadhar option opening a new window
  • Now enter your 14-digit enrolment ID number and 14 digit Date-Time stamp printed on the Enrolment Slip
  • Next, enter your full name, pin code, and more details
  • fill captcha verification
  • Click the “Request OTP” button
  • You will OTP your registered mobile number
  • Enter OTP and click the “Download Aadhar” button
  • Now you successfully downloaded your Aadhar card by using your Enrolment number

Download Aadhar Card Using by Virtual ID

Are you Download Aadhar card Virtual ID through. Follow the below-mentioned steps for Download Aadhar Card Using Virtual ID.

  • Visit UIDAI website
  • Click the “Download Aadhar” option
  • Choose “ Virtual ID “
  • Enter your 12 digits Virtual ID
  • Now enter correctly Captcha Verification
  • Now click “Send OTP” to generate OTP
  • Enter OTP click the “Download” button
  • Now you can Download Aadhar Card Using by Virtual ID

How to Download Aadhar from DigiLocker Account

DigiLocker to the Indian government (UIDAI) has collaborated and our Aadhar card Details linked with DigiLocker. DigiLocker is a cloud-based platform DigiLoker is important certification, sharing, and verification of documents. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download Aadhar from DigiLocker Account:

  • Visit DigiLocker website
  • Click on the “Sign In” button and enter your 12 digit Aadhar card number
  • Now click the “Verify” button
  • You receive OTP your registered mobile number
  • Enter OTP and One more time click the “Verify” button
  • You seeing your aadhar card on your display and now click the “Save” icon
  • You successfully download an aadhar card from your DigiLocker account

How to download Aadhar Card by name and date of birth

You have not linked your mobile with your Aadhar card. you can also download the Aadhar card using the name and date of birth. Simply follow the steps to download the Aadhar card by name and date of birth.

  • Visit Aadhar card official website
  • Now enter Aadhar or Enrolment number
  • Next, fill in your mobile number or email address
  • Complete the Captcha Verification
  • Click the “Send OTP” button
  • You will receive OTP your registered mobile number or Email
  • Enter the OTP and click “Download Aadhar”
  • You will successfully Download the Aadhar card by name and date of birth.

How Download Masked Aadhar Card

A masked Aadhar card is Similar to a regular Aadhar card. Masked Aadhar card is your first 6 digit is hidden only last 4 digits Aadhar number only visible. Example xxxx-xxxx-4370 masked Aadhar main aim at protecting your Aadhar number. Follow the steps mentioned below to download the updated Aadhar card in the masked format:

Step 1: Go to the website

Step 2: Enter your Aadhar number or Enrolment number and fill up your personal details

Step 3: Select the “Masked Aadhaar” And complete Captcha Verification

Step 4: Click the “Request OTP” button

Step 5: You will OTP your registered mobile number

Step 6: Enter OTP and click the “Download Aadhar” button

Step 7: Now you can successfully downlod masked Aadhar card

Download Aadhar without Mobile Number

If you download an Aadhar card mobile number is must important so without a mobile number Aadhar card download possible. Download Aadhar without Mobile Number follow the steps below.

Step 1: First visit your near Aadhar center with you Aadhar number

Step 2: Aadhar center to provide your details like bio-matric

Step 3: Pan card also carry with need for proof

Step 4: Now Aadhar centere staff charge will Rs.50 to 100

Now you will successfully Download Aadhar without Mobile Number

How to open Aadhar card PDF file Password

If you download the Aadhar card online UIDIA website to your Aadhar card file is to protect the password. Aadhar card password is so simple you will have to enter 8 digit password the password is your name first 4 characters and your birth of the year. For example, my name is Maruti, and my date of birth 07 June 2002 the password in my case maruti2002 is my aadhar password.

Points to Remember

  • If not linked mobile number in your Aadhar card you cannot download Aadhar card online
  • Online download Aadhar card, not original is only electric copy
  • You online to download Aadhar is protected with a password
  • if an Aadhar card download online it’s free

FAQs on Downloading Aadhaar Card

Q1. Which browser is best for UIDAI ?

Ans : Chorme broswer is the best for UIDAI

Q2. Can I download my Aadhar card online?

Ans : Yes you can download your Aadhar card online

Q3. Can I download my e-Aadhaar using Enrolment ID and Virtual ID?

Ans : Yes You forget your Aadhar number you can downlod e-Aadhaar using Enrolment ID and Virtual ID

Q4. Which is official application Aadhar card?

Ans : mAadhar is official app is available on playstore

Q5. Aadhar card download online it’s free?

Ans: Yes it’s absolutel

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